About Us

How did we get our name?
The name, Essential Surf Company, was developed to support a philosophy we have about surf gear and equipment. We want to provide the “essentials” for the Adventurous Soul Surfer.

Our goal is to be the best online resource for “Outfitting the Adventurous Soul Surfer”. We don’t care what you ride or wear, but when it comes to equipment, books, videos, maps and accessories – we have the “essential” goods to outfit you for your surf travel adventures, scuba diving and viewing of Whale Watching Dana Point. As always, our selection of brands and products – for all surfers – will only be the best!

We believe that the “soul surfer” lives on as a true expression of what surfing is all about and we make no excuses for our decision to operate a business loans that caters exclusively to the Adventurous Soul Surfer. We’ve always liked the surfers that find a way to surf as much as they can, and still keep it all together! Speaking of loans, if you’re looking for a financial assistance suitable for your specific need, you may choose 1000 loan with a guarantor. This type of loan is usually offered to borrowers who are suffering from poor credit remarks. Are you interested? You can search and visit their official site web page.

What makes our site unique?
We are the only online catalog dedicated to the Adventurous Soul Surfer. We are an online resource specializing in quality surf gear and accessories related to surf travel. And in every purchase of any of our gear, we will give you some codes for lol coaching sessions!

Our “Shopping Cart” technology is state of the art and secure.