Betty B. Simple Sea Glass Pendant

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Collecting sea glass (also known as beach glass) is a favorite pastime of many who are lucky enough to live at the ocean. This necklace is made from repurposed sea glass collected from California shores. The found sea glass is then brought to Bali where silversmiths surrounds them with recycled (30+%) .925 sterling silver. The sea glass is buffed slightly so it looks like it does when you find it wet on the beach; shiny and appealing. The pendant is raised to allow more light under the sea glass and linked with handcrafted box hinges. Each pendant comes on a color coordinated vegan suede cord and has a generous bale through which you can wear almost any cord, ribbon or chain. Please note: the organic shapes of the "stones" vary because they are basically ocean and sand made from broken bottles that end up on the beach. This is one way that something that is basically trash can be recycled into something very beautiful and cherished.
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