Travel insurance

Travel Insurance

Is this surfer thinking about insurance?
-No. Does he need it?- Yes.

Do you remember that first surf trip you and your buddies took to Baja?

Everyone told you that you better be sure to buy insurance before you went into Mexico. Some of us listened and some did not. Some great surf stories were born in the ensuing chaos.

Now you are traveling with some of those same buddies to Tavarua, Fiji, Peru, Costa Rica and other exotic spots and you need to make sure that you and your friends are properly insured while overseas.

Every year, people traveling in foreign countries need emergency medical care and are unprepared for the high costs involved. Your present health care insurance or HMO may not pay for medical expenses incurred outside the U.S.; Medicare and most Medicare supplements offer little or no protection outside the U.S.

Most U.S. medical policies, HMOs and PPOs do not pay for medical evacuations, a cost that can easily reach $30,000 or more.

“Travel Insurance Services InterMedical provides excellent medical expense and medical evacuation coverage, and can help you locate care. You’ll have peace of mind for your next trip abroad.”

I have purchased medical coverage from Travel Insurance Services for my last three surf trips and have even been able to extend my coverage while I was traveling in Central America. They have great rates and are really easy to deal with.

“Everyone should check their current health coverage before they travel overseas and consider adding InterMedical Insurance to protect them on those exotic surf safaris.”

It’s the smart thing to do!
See you in the water…Mike

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